Thursday, December 8, 2011

08.12.11 first contact

So, first outfit post, with many to come. That's me, playfully pulling my awesome hair. Sadly, it doesn't really look like that. My hair is as straight as it gets. I was trying out this thing where I put my wet hair into four very weird Snoop Dogg-like braids before going to bed and taking them out the next morning. I'm too cheap to buy any type of curling iron 
+ this is better for the hair... I think.
Also, I still have some purple left in it. That's where the name of the blog comes from. Of course we are not purple at all, I am purple. Just didn't sound as good.

Anyway, found this awesome collar thingy today in Zara (feel kinda bad advertising or even buying that stuff, you know sweatshopcheapassknockoffjunk, but I'll get into that later. In another post)
The tie is just the usual stealing-stuff-from-boyfriend's-wardrobe thing and I don't know where the hell the top came from.
The point of this blog is not to sell anything anyway.

To celebrate my hair, my new collar thing and blue eye make up I also took these more artsy shots:
Who needs eyebrows?
I also bought myself a sparkly golden dress and an oversized mint-coloured top with a low cut back.
Every girl needs a gold dress... and pastel clothes are just awesome. (Don't worry mom, I still have some money left)
I've been meaning to get myself one of these for a while now for pictures. It's good to finally own some colour. I'm really lazy when it comes to makeup. Or hair.



  1. You're such a beauty! You shoudl definitely do more outfit post! Thanks for your comments on my blog :). YOu have a really cool blog! Your hair looks amazing, show us a picture when they are straight :d.

  2. Flott blogg :) búin að bæta í bookmarks!!
    hálskraginn er to die for, vantar svo einn svona

  3. 1. your new cury still a bit purple- y hair 2. new collar 3. blue eye make-up and 4. blog!

  4. opps, i forgot to write ''i like''.

    well, i like 1., 2., 3., and 4.

  5. thanks for your sweet little comments! your blog is cool! you have the face of an angel, beautiful! really cool hair too. xxx

  6. me too, lazy about makeup but i'm working on it ;)

  7. love your hair and i want your collar so bad! where did you buy it? the whole outfit is just amazing. xx

  8. Love this blog! The pictures and everything :)) I love purple as well! Hope you can check out my blog and we can follow each other??

  9. Your hair does look quite awesome and man, I WISH I HAD STRAIGHT HAIR. I'm so jealous. Nice blog btw, I like the hint of purple in your hair and sigh, I can't be bothered with make up that much either. However, that colourful make up palette does look goood.

  10. Actually I think your hair does look very very awesome. Why are you complaining? You are so beautiful!
    Oh and I want that collar...

  11. Gorgeous photos, especially the first shot - I adore your hair!! And your collar is so pretty, love it <3

  12. awesome! loving your blog, so keep it up and i'll be back!



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