Monday, December 19, 2011

Outfit | Christmas party 16.12.11

Late outfit post.
Went to a Christmas party at boyfriend's photography school last friday.  A lot of food from every corner of the world, hot wine, music, dance and indoor smoking. There were pictures on the walls from each student, which was cool, and a lot of happy pretty people. I really regretted not taking my camera, I have a passion for party photography. (That used to be my job back in the day when me and my friends got together and played Singstar or whatever)
And no, apparently you can not count on photography students to take pictures.

I wore my gold sequin dress, black see-through cardigan and blue eye makeup (it's becoming a favourite of mine) Oh and my black biker boots, which I kind of always wear. I need a bigger variety of flat shoes. I'm killing mine, walking the streets of Paris all day. Not that I'm complaining...

Someone was giving out these indian bindis. Made me feel pretty.
I like how the sequins looked through the sheer fabric

My photographer/assistant (depending on the day) was passed out and I was too lazy to put up the tripod so I took a whole lot of dirty mirror snapshots and made a SUPER FUN GIF!!!!!!

 Stay classy,


  1. Ég elska heitt vín! og þetta trabant lag, gaman að rifja upp gömul góð lög :)
    þú ert líka rosa fín

  2. Love the bindi !

  3. I just happened to come across your blog and I must say it's refreshing :) I love the bindi, I should wear mine soon too. Happy Holidays!


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