Friday, February 3, 2012

The beauty of raw

so lately I've been leaning more and more toward a simple colour palette in clothes with lots and lots of blacks and greys. I've also learned to love clothes that look raw and unfinished, distressed and a bit of a mess. Or just extremely simple and undecorated. My last ultra post was on black and this one will be more about white and nude which I think gives a garment that nice unfinished look. And of course other more important factors which I'm too lazy to write about...

Okay, pictures! I'm starting with Jacob Sutton's ultra soft editorial from U/C magazine. At first when I flipped through the mag I thought the pictures were kinda cool and scribbled the photographer's name and other basic info in my notebook instead of actually buying the magazine typical blogger... But after I finally remembered to google them I've started to love them more and more every time I look at them. They're just perfect and the models are amazing. They're like beautiful dancing androids that can hardly be told apart. Plus they all have awesome noses.

The editorial:

More here: http//

The stuff:

It's funny how not buying anything for a while is making me realize what I really like. So the next time I do choose to buy something I'll have a clearer idea of what I would actually use and not just hide in the blackhole part of my closet. Some extra cash would be good though... I really want a new bag. The perfect bag. Leather, not too big not too small, simple with a twist, no bling... And it is not easy to find.
But here are some things I've noticed and liked:

Glorious plain yet playful bag (above) by Building Block
Love this. A bag made to look like a brown paper lunch bag.
The picnic to go by Marie Turnor

The All Saints Partha dress which reminds me of some victorian undergarment. I love it. I want it. I think it's sold out in white... sadface :(

The designer:

Recently discovered this awesome designer. Goes by the name of Phoebe English (I keep saying Phoebe London) and she's just perfect. Her clothes are this absoloutely gorgeous unfinished mess of a thing and so intruiging:

 Sorry about the evil evil crop in the previous pictures, they were too big and I wanted to show detail. Here you can see it all:
I stole those photos from Style Bubble

The photographers:

I love a certain rawness in photography. Faded snapshoty looking images with a bad-but-so-good light and awkward composition. Some of my favourites being Juergen Teller and Saga Sigurðardóttir.

Photo 1: Juergen Teller - Céline campaign 2010 Photo 2: Andrej Pejic by Juergen Teller Photos 3-5: Saga Sig

The self:

And to add even more to said rawness, here's a greasy-faced picture of me at our lovely breakfast table/studio with borrowed lights (and there you can see the bathroom sink, classy)

I look forward to doing a proper outfit post sometime soon. It's been soooo freeeezing here in Paris that I just pile on everything I own instead of putting together something nice. It's actually starting to hurt my head a little bit. I've been looking like a skier while everyone else in this city seems to be in a different temperature. Or at least pretend to... Ladies in sheer tights and ballet flats and men in thin jackets and small scarves. I don't get it but I kinda get it

My Mundi space jacket always does great things though.

Okay that's enough bye
- Sóley


  1. Hey! Just wanted to say I love your blog! All the stuff you post are so very much inspirational! Thanks for doing this!

  2. What a fantastic philosophy! Oh, that was so brilliantly put: Not buying things for yourself does make you realize what your most important interests are! I agree with the previous comment, your blog is genius, and so refreshing!

  3. love it! you're inspiration for me!
    would you say what do you think about my blog? i really want to know your opinion thx

  4. Thank you. I really like your blog and I was checking it sometimes before I started mine, so I will definitely come here again ;)

  5. check out juergen teller's newest shoot with xiao wen, pretty fuckin good if you ask me : ) i'm really into this post particularly because of the nudish colors. embarrassingly enough, i've also been wearing alot of pastels lately. weeeiiiirrrrrrdddddd.
    <3 theseunitedstatesofamericans

    1. I love Xiao Wen, embarassingly enough for me, I just have a huge thing for Asian models these days. And also, pastels are pretty sweet. I was all mint yesterday. Very fancy.

      - Sóley