Sunday, March 4, 2012

Life things and somethings else

Time for something new, I guess. Just added this about an hour ago. I know how people only check out/comment the top post nahh kidding, no not kidding. Also, I'm planning on doing more micro posts to keep things running smoothly. I'm always collecting pictures and stuff for that purpose. Micro post for me would propably be like 5 pictures and some blablabla...

Okay, here's what's up. Paris strolls, Wine, Pictures, Japanese animated movies, Japanese food made by Chinese people, Rain, Greyness. And this:



The following editorials, or parts of editorials, are from Schön! magazine (last months, sorry!) Something I came across on my many travels. I recommend checking out photographer Nicolas Guerin, he's done some pretty neat stuff. Even his celebrity portraits are interesting.

Purity. Photographed by Nicolas Guerin:
Love the raw studio floor and curled backdrop.

Rosewood. Photographed by Fulvio Maiani:
The colours in the styling here are just perfect.

peut être 


I bought the 3rd issue of Peut être magazine. It's not so much a magazine as it is a book full of silky smooth portraits, couture details and backstage photos and every single one of them is beautiful. They don't even have an ad on the back. I most definitely recommend it and since it's only the third issue ever I'm tempted to buy the previous 2, but then I'd have to keep collecting them and what if I missed one and couldn't find it again and that would make me sad... Anyway, There's so much in it that I wanted to show you guys and I could and should just scan it to bits, but you know, that takes effort and such. Plus, I'd have to flatten out and crinkle the magazine to do that and that creeps me out. I want it perfect.

Following pictures from and tumblr. The bottom two are from previous issues.


Cover model Gabrielle Dubois
Dresses by the wonderful Yiqing Yin
I love any backstage/making of/behind the scenes photos...
The dress finished.

That's all for now,
- Sóley


  1. You are SO amazingly beautiful I can't even handle skdlajd. Your photoshoot is just enchanting and I'm stalking you from now on.
    I never heard of peut etre mag before, but it looks interesting. Any idea where I can get it? Really like your outfit too. That necklace + the drapery, sophisticated dark garments = perfection
    Also, micro-posts are a good idea because people often just scroll through your blog quickly & don't want to take time to read everything through. Shorter posts would be a solution. But on the other hand: FUCK THE SYSTEM.

    1. Hey, thanks for an awesome comment and compliment!
      About peut etre, I checked out their website and it looks like they only sell the mag in shops in Paris. You can buy it online here: but it gets pretty pricey when it's being shipped outside of France, 35euros where you are, I think (with shipping though, small yay)
      I was thinking of buying the 2nd issue online if I feel like going through the trouble, the cover is amazing..... But it costs as much as the new one, which is annoying. Blaaahhhh stupid money, I'm gonna shut up about it now.
      Anyway, still following you since sometime and your blog is always full of ultra super urban cool.

      - Sóley

  2. Amazing post!
    Love your outfit and the editorials are just stunning.
    Thanks for following, I'm already following you hehe

    L U A R


  3. Hi there! Just stumbled on this post! I know it was posted a while back, but I still thought I'd say hi (I write and edit the magazine)!

    I'm so glad to hear you liked our Issue 3 of Peut-Etre! Issue 4 came out a while ago, and that is seriously worth every single penny, and if you like behind-the-scenes/making pics, there are some stunning pics, especially of Dior (Couture and RTW), also, it is almost 3cm thick and weighs a ton! Our Special London Issue was just released too, which has some incredible new designers featured.

    For Yth, Peut-Etre is now sold in Amsterdam, if that helps (if going for a weekend trip or something): Amsterdam - Athenaeum Boekhandel Spui 14-16



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