Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Extreme fabulosity
+ photoshoots and virtual stylings

Hey! A busy week just ended. There were photoshoots at Spéos photography school (young designers, hair and make up girls, the lot) and I did three of them. I got free model food, so it was cool. + Pudding. The French have this obsession with dessert. Which is great. They also love their white bread, which is not quite as great. Basically, as long as it's a fast burning carb that provides energy for about 15 minutes, they're into it... For example the baguette is beautiful but they have no idea how to make decent cheap sandwich bread, which is of course extremely sweet and can survive in the kitchen cupboard for months before going dry or molding, and that's just creepy. Anyway, to me a piece of baguette/croissant/pain au chocolat and a coffee is not breakfast. But it makes an excellent second breakfast! Okay I'm done, back to what I was talking about. All the photographers are awesome and cool people and I was very very happy to work with them. And the dresses were gorgeous. Pics later or something I don't know.
Now I have to find gigs that pay...

This is what my hair looked like (yes hair, blablabla) after photoshoot number 2. I have never felt more fabulous in my life. Ever. So of course I took a horrible mirror shot must clean that mirror in celebration and added black eyes for spooky effect. Spooky, eh?

+ I drew this picture a while ago of one of the outfits after I went to the fitting. Not the entire dress, just the top part since it wasn't finished. Also, there were no leg tattoos or bunny ears :] The dress turned out looking amazing, with different fabric though from the mustard yellow one, a deep dark purplish red and the skirt was made from leather in the same colour.

I need to make more of these. Very handy if I see a garment that I like but can't afford, I just doodle it on a little alien cyclops girl and I kind of feel like I own it kind of. Makes me feel a tiny bit better about having pretty much zero cash right now.
But virtual styling thingies do that too:

By the way, I'm on Polyvore now.
Thank you P, you are about to steal many an hour that I really can't afford to lose. But my wardrobe there is already much bigger and more impressive than my real one... that's a plus. Styling is fun. Especially when you don't actually have to do any of the hard work. Here's what has come of it so far:

I. viv + alex

II. comme + yohji

- Sóley


  1. Soley you looked great each day! I think you MUST search gigs that pay, you did such a fantastic job. was a pleasure to work with you. :)

    bless bless ;)

  2. you look like spooky fairy of something like this, it's great! ;)

  3. Your hair looks aaaamazing and uhhhh, your black eyes make you look like some kind of alien-doll-fairy. I love it :) Photoshooting sounds so exciting!

  4. You are cool, I like cool.

  5. Your blog is rad, it feels like we have a lot in common.

    Peroxide Blonde