Wednesday, June 13, 2012



Hi lovelies. I'm back in Iceland. It's nice, clean, depressing and refreshing. By the way, tomorrow (actually today, it's after midnight) is my birthday so all I'm going to do is relax, eat whatever my boyfriend cooks for me and sit and read magazines at the book cafe all day. I might even go crazy and watch a movie. 

Pictures from home:

Iceland, you're kind of pretty. Photos taken at 01:08 am 
on the way from the airport.

Graffiti and magazine indulging in RVK:

 - Sóley
we are purple


  1. oh, how i've missed you so much! i'm home too and it sucks and sucks and suck and bleh, but we must make the most of it! keep blogging! please?!
    <3 theseunitedstatesofamericans

  2. your blog is gorgerous and so are you !