Saturday, April 28, 2012


      Photos: Thordur Sveinsson    

Went out for tea and a muffin in this outfit. 
I like it because it looks like me...

I wore 1. two grey pieces that I got on sale a while ago and wondered if I would ever wear but have since pretty much become my uniform: my crooked upside down multi sleeve dress from All Saints and a Topshop (but so very un-Topshop) hooded jacket with sweatshirt-like sleeves. 2. Bianco leather boots, pricy but the perfect witch-like lace up boots I had wanted since I was a kid. Plus wearable because of the fat heel. I gave up on them temporarily because the sole doesn't support my foot very well which gets extremely uncomfy. I finally bothered to put in some thin foam insoles and strategically placed bits of toilet paper and cotton buds in a desperate attempt at making them hug my feet. It worked. Yay. Another reason I'm very fond of this outfit, it was the first time I actually walked outside in my beautiful perfect boots without my feet dying AND the first time in a while where I bothered to wear something other than my distressed biker boots that I always just throw on without thinking. They really need a break :[ 3. my dear Mil-Tec bag that I will never throw away no matter how faded and gross it gets. I don't know what it is but I feel like a jerk when I wear a fancy bag on an otherwise casual day. Or a handbag, THAT is something very unnatural to me. But on others it doesn't bother me... 4. The scarf/hood thing I made that I call "Flæmi" 5. 2x black tights because cold. One of them has that neat crinkle effect

As you can see, the Paris weather is being an asshole and major disappointment in all its greyness. I kinda like the rain though, makes the air all fresh.

Another thing, I cut my hair. Myself! Proud? Yes.
To be precise I now have a short fringe. On my face. You can see a hint of it in these photos but they were taken before I made it fat and juicy.
I'll post pictures of that bad boy later.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Extreme fabulosity
+ photoshoots and virtual stylings

Hey! A busy week just ended. There were photoshoots at Spéos photography school (young designers, hair and make up girls, the lot) and I did three of them. I got free model food, so it was cool. + Pudding. The French have this obsession with dessert. Which is great. They also love their white bread, which is not quite as great. Basically, as long as it's a fast burning carb that provides energy for about 15 minutes, they're into it... For example the baguette is beautiful but they have no idea how to make decent cheap sandwich bread, which is of course extremely sweet and can survive in the kitchen cupboard for months before going dry or molding, and that's just creepy. Anyway, to me a piece of baguette/croissant/pain au chocolat and a coffee is not breakfast. But it makes an excellent second breakfast! Okay I'm done, back to what I was talking about. All the photographers are awesome and cool people and I was very very happy to work with them. And the dresses were gorgeous. Pics later or something I don't know.
Now I have to find gigs that pay...

This is what my hair looked like (yes hair, blablabla) after photoshoot number 2. I have never felt more fabulous in my life. Ever. So of course I took a horrible mirror shot must clean that mirror in celebration and added black eyes for spooky effect. Spooky, eh?

+ I drew this picture a while ago of one of the outfits after I went to the fitting. Not the entire dress, just the top part since it wasn't finished. Also, there were no leg tattoos or bunny ears :] The dress turned out looking amazing, with different fabric though from the mustard yellow one, a deep dark purplish red and the skirt was made from leather in the same colour.

I need to make more of these. Very handy if I see a garment that I like but can't afford, I just doodle it on a little alien cyclops girl and I kind of feel like I own it kind of. Makes me feel a tiny bit better about having pretty much zero cash right now.
But virtual styling thingies do that too:

By the way, I'm on Polyvore now.
Thank you P, you are about to steal many an hour that I really can't afford to lose. But my wardrobe there is already much bigger and more impressive than my real one... that's a plus. Styling is fun. Especially when you don't actually have to do any of the hard work. Here's what has come of it so far:

I. viv + alex

II. comme + yohji

- Sóley

Monday, April 16, 2012



Just a little inspiration for the colour deprived like myself

Have a glorious day 
or at least a half decent day

- Sóley

Sunday, April 15, 2012

stupid hair...


Sometimes I just want to chop all my hair off and look badass like these chicks. Some day...

My problem is that I change my mind about this stuff all the time. And every single time I do change something, like get a fringe or cut my hair short I always grow it out as soon as possible or wash out whatever hair colour I have in because I miss my old hair or can't bother with the maintenance.
Life is hard. 

Btw. can someone please tell me to shut up about my hair already?
It's not going to work but it's worth a shot...

- Sóley

Monday, April 9, 2012

black, white and pink


Hello friends and others (you're my friends too, others)
It's been a busy few weeks with lovely friends visiting, pic nics, picture taking and frequently leaving the house. Whenever I'm socializing/breathing in fresh polluted city air I'm not blogging and when I'm blogging I'm not socializing. Kind of. Must. Find. Balance. Or maybe I'm just not a balance type of person? Screw balance.
The picture above was taken by my bf and bff on a day where my hair was looking extra fabulous with leftovers of teasing, braiding and lots and lots of hairspray after a photoshoot that I just might possibly share with the world later.

In other random news, my friend needed to buy rollerskates (for roller derby, which is a beautiful and brutal sport) which led us to 'the bad part of town' nah okay, the suburbs in search of a certain skate shop. A gloomy neighbourhood right outside of the city, very different from the Paris we know and love but just as intruiging, if not more so. The guy in the shop told us about a roller derby game that was on later that night, which we of course went to. It was awesome. Okay, I was tired and cranky BUT it was really fun to see. When I grow up I'm gonna be a badass like those chicks. I'll add some pictures to my flickr later.
On the way back from the shop we noticed some very interesting architecture:

To hell with whatever fashion something ambitions I'm having, I'll just become an architectural photographer! For a split second I thought these houses were a little tacky, but I changed my mind immediately when I noticed the odd shapes and trees on roofs and balconies and how it looks like a mountain or a hill with little homes built into it. Nice.

Oooh another thing I have to mention. I finally watched The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo the other day. I blogged months ago about how in love I was with Rooney Mara and her makeover for the film but I never got around to watching it. I didn't know what to expect but I was not disappointed. Mainly due to Rooney M's interpretation of the beautifully insane Lisbeth Salander. I get a little over excited about some stuff, but I'm bad at expressing it so I'm just going to... not. 
I'm hesitant to watch the original Swedish ones, mostly because I'm afraid I won't like Noomi Rapace as much as Rooney. The only thing I know is that I don't like the styling for her, she looks like an emo kid in costume, way over the top, while RM's look is more subtle and believable. And just gorgeous. But I'll watch it soon and hopefully eat my words. + Funny how the title of the original film and book 'Men who hate women' (or 'Män som hatar kvinnor') was too harsh for the American audience but the film itself wasn't. There were scenes in it that were extremely difficult to watch. Which is good, I like it when a film makes me feel something. In moderation though... I still haven't fully recovered from Requiem for a Dream. Anyway, it was a nice break from Gossip Girl, that carousel of a show (says the person who watched Gossip Girl with dinner tonight. I like Blair. She's awesome.)