Tuesday, February 19, 2013



I was at my grandmother's house over the weekend. She lives in the nicest town in Iceland and my (big) family built her a new house recently that fits a lot of people and is very comfy but it has no internet so we went for a drive in the BEAUTIFUL weather and I took these pictures of some mountains and some birds and the mysterious dead herring (local stuff. mysterious stuff.) In other news, I have a septum piercing now because I'm cool now and I've had it for over a month now so the other day I could finally put a new ring in my nose woohoo. And then I lost myself looking at fancier ones online... look at this! And this and this and this. Mmm. I wish I had a bunch of money and could wear gold without feeling like a pimp.

In conclusion, since I'm in the process of decluttering my brain, I've finally accepted that I won't be posting that much on here instead of bumming myself out because of it. When I have something I want to share I'll share it and in between I'll continue creating my virtual collage on my very much alive tumblr page which I invite you all to look at. A lot. Because it's very good.

...or just listen to these. BUT NOT AT THE SAME TIME!:


I've already listened to the Fatboy Slim song at least 9 times tonight. 
The man is a genius.

- Sóley
- we are purple

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  1. Which town is this? Amazingly beatiful! I'm travelling to Iceland in June for 2 weeks, so any recommendations are more than welcome!:)Thank you!


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